Who We Are


What is Stampede CrossFit?

Stampede CrossFit is a community of people aiming to improve their life through movement. Our gym and our members are a huge family where we train together to reach our passions in life. We pride ourselves in our welcoming nature by our staff and our members to new and old faces that come to Stampede. You are not a stranger for long, and soon the face next to you in class becomes a friend in life. We are happy to take part and volunteer in our community and county, in anything that will benefit our town, our members, and the well being of individuals.

Our training is a combination of Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, Power lifting, Weightlifting, Rowing, Running, Calisthenics, and Plyometrics. We offer nutritional guidance and programs as well to ensure you are receiving the best training and counseling possible. We are based in Sunny California, in a small agriculture thriving town called Patterson. We are community based with goals that range from weight loss, performance training, race training, college students, strength training, and the parents trying to keep up with their children.

You might not know what is expected of you when you enter our facility; and we can tell you that the only thing we ask is a Great attitude and the determination to improve yourself no matter what the goal. We will take care of the rest.
For more information regarding our programs, please fill out our information request below and receive a Free Week Pass to print out at home. This will give you your first step in setting those markers, and reaching those goals.
For further questions or information please Call us at 1(209) 895-4425 or email us at: We look forward to meeting you.