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Toots Nunes, Owner/Head Instructor 


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Optimal Muscle Training

8+ Years in Health & Fitness Industry

Toots is one of the Head coaches and founders of Stampede CrossFit. She grew up in the Central Valley, raised on her family ranch where she continues to work.  Toots played numerous sports while growing up.  She attended California State University, Fresno and found her passion in the Health and Fitness Industry.  Upon receiving her degree she moved back home to pursue her dreams of helping others with their overall wellbeing.  While working as a Personal Trainer and Coach for high school sports, she was introduced to CrossFit  and knew this was the challenge she had been searching for.

Message from Toots

CrossFit is the force of nature I have found that pushes me to be a better, stronger, wiser and  healthier person.  I believe everyone can be healthy and it is only a matter of dedication to reach your goals. At Stampede CrossFit, we aim to improve ourselves and our athlete’s life through movement, strength and perseverance.

I encourage all to join our Stampede CrossFit family.  It’s an enjoyable way to be challenged daily.  We look forward to sharing the CrossFit endeavors that lie ahead with you.  Hope to see you at the gym soon: Forging Elite Fitness, Forging Elite Family, Forging Everlasting Health.


(209) 678-7930



Jennifer Correia, Owner/Head Instructor

12 years CrossFit Training

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids Certified Instructor

USAW Certified

USPA 2015 56kg National Champion

CPR/ First Aid Certified

2009 CrossFit National Games Team Competitor, 2009 1st Place CrossFit Fit Wars, 2010 5th Place CrossFit Sectionals, 2011 CrossFit Regionals Qualifier, 2011 3rd Place CrossFit Fit Wars, 2011 2nd Place Merced Throwdown, 2012 1st Place FTF Affiliate Challenge, 2013 2nd Place FTF Affiliate Challenge, 2014 3st Place FTF Affiliate Challenge, 2014 3rd Place Brethren Throwdown, 2014 Granite Games Finalist, 2015 Granite Games Team Competitor

Jennifer Correia is the head coach and co-founder of Stampede CrossFit.  She grew up in Los Banos playing numerous sports in school.  After high school Jennifer attended California Polytechic.  Searching for a new sport she began Martial Arts, running and CrossFit.  A brown belt in Hawaiian Kempo and 3 half marathons later she started CrossFitting fulltime.  Jennifer has over 12 years CrossFit experience and has participated in the CrossFit Sectionals, Regionals, and Nation Games.

Message From Jennifer

CrossFit is my passion and opening Stmapede CrossFit has given me a forum to share this passion with my community.  I strive to optimize the performance and enhance the lives of all my athletes through CrossFit.  I believe there is an inner athlete in all of us and training can be fun!  My goal is to make Stampede CrossFit a place where good times and hard work collide head on. Stampede CrossFit is more than a gym.  It is a place where you can leave your worries at the door, train hard, and see results.  We are a community at Stampede CrossFit and look forward to each new addition to the family.  Hope to see you at the gym soon: Forging Elite Fitness, Forging Strong Family, Forging Everlasting Health.



Abel Aldana, Instructor

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer


Women’s Fitness Specialist

Abel grew up in Los Banos from the age of 7. From then on til Junior high, athletics were not a pursuit. Reaching a weight of 280lbs by 2008/8th grade, he was able to change his bad habits early. Through help of articles on the internet, a bowflex, simple green tea, some dumbells, steady-state cardio and a year’s worth of hard work, he reached a weight of 165lbs by sophomore year. The mindset of constant progression never changed. Joining his first gym, Los Banos Fitness and Racquet Club in 2010, it lead on to a pursuit of strength and size. By 2012, that coupled with running an Urbanathlon and ultimately trying his first month out at CFVV. By 2013 it led onto another Urbanathlon, and then his first weightlifting meet by 2014. Through 8 years of dabbling with all sorts of specificities, obtaining many different bodyweights, fighting a conglomeration of injuries and rehabbing them himself, he then returned to CFVV after 2 1/2 years of working as the primary trainer at InShape City, having serviced 40+ people and aiding many more on his free time.

Message from Abel:
“If you’re looking for a place that facilitates maximal strength, excellent conditioning and competitive camaraderie, you’ve found the right place. I prefer coming here and training way more than any commercial gym, and having the opportunity to coach here is very fulfilling. Aside from my athletic endeavors, coaching and helping people is what really gets me through my day and I look forward to seeing any newcomer join this community.”

Matt Azevedo, Instructor

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Hardcore Dairyman