FootPrint Introduction Program


At Stampede CrossFit we want to make sure you get the most out of every training session. To insure this, you must first complete our FootPrint Course before jumping into CrossFit Classes. No matter your experience, FootPrint will teach you the fundamentals for anyone new to CrossFit or brush up your CrossFit technique.

Why is FootPrint Mandatory?
FootPrint is structured to give you special individual attention not always allowed during regular CrossFit Classes. You will learn basics in lifting, gymnastics, nutrition, and the CrossFit philosophy. Don’t worry, this course isn’t like a typical classroom environment. You will be on your feet the entire time practicing movements and learning movments to take with you once you begin classes.

Class Structure
FootPrint Course is structured in 8 classes. You can complete the course in two weeks. Classes usually follow this timeline:
0-10 Warm Up/Mobility
10-40 Technique
40-55 Workout
55-60 Cool Down/Mobility
During each class we review 3-4 movements ranging from gymnastics, lifting, and conditioning. A 15 minute workout will follow implementing the movements of the day. If you’re thinking 15 minutes?!?! Trust me, it’s plenty of time to get a great CrossFit workout!!

So What Now?
Call to schedule your first FootPrint class for FREE. We will set a date and time (check out our prescheduled FootPrint Classes on our Class Schedule) and you are ready to begin your CrossFit experience. Get ready to ENJOY working out.