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Review our programs to see which fits you best.


FOOTPRINT (complete before joining CrossFit class)

3 class course reviewing CrossFit movements.  Each class consists of a warm up, technique, workout and cool down. Classes range from one-on-ones to small groups.  Call 209-675-1178 to schedule your first class. Or email to schedule a free fitness consultation









CROSSFIT is a strength and conditioning program combining weightlifting, sprinting, rowing, gymnastics, powerlifting, and plyometrics to guarantee your fitness goals.





Light weight, functional movement Training. No barbells. Class is structured around physique building, functional fitness, and conditioning coupled with nutrition guidance.













Tailored to your company, we offer a variety of programs and services to ensure employees are motivated to stay healthy and active.












4 week nutrition program tailored to you. Nutrition is the foundation of fitness.  We encourage everyone to complement their training with smart eating.  No crash diets, no fake food!  Eat real food, read labels, and you will succeed!








Personal Training

We offer a combination of packages to fit your needs.  Classes are available 1x-3x/wk with nutritional consulting.






Visiting Patterson, Ca? Drop in with us.  Buy a shirt or purchase a drop in for $15.