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We are not only committed to the goals you have for the present, we work for the goals you have for Life! Here we introduce our Athletes who have put in the dedication and effort to change their lives for the better and continue to pursue their lifelong health. 

Marlo Groves-Bradley

Began October 2015-Over 100+pounds lost



Two years ago and for a long time I was heavy, really heavy, mostly because i’d convinced myself that at my age I was entitled to eat what I wanted and have as much down time as I could possibly take out.  Really I was just depressed and the bigger I got, the less I felt I could do anything about it so everything I tried failed quickly.  Then my daughter got engaged and aside from being totally happy for her I was in a panic picturing myself like a float at the wedding having to talk to people and feeling totally self-conscious.  God, what would I wear?  It was time.  I had eighteen months to get it together.  So I got the weight watchers ap and I got a fitbit and I started losing weight. I went all in and i was committed.  My goal was to lose 105 lbs by July of this year and at first that was everything- losing pounds and getting into smaller sizes.But as time went on, it became more.  I really started to appreciate how much better I was feeling and how much more energy I had.  You can literally eat anything on ww as long as you stick to the points, but you can eat more if you’re smart so I loaded up on fruits and vegetables, eliminated breads, rice and potatoes and drank only water or soda water.  I also added cinnamon 2-3 times a day and I take a vitamin D every night. I go to the grocery store twice a week to make sure i have fresh stuff.  I really don’t eat any processed crap, no sugar obviously.  Instead of thinking I’m entitled to eat what ever I want, I started thinking I’m entitled to eat what’s best for me.  I want to be healthy… super healthy!  I had met Jen at soroptimists and made it my goal that once I had loss the first 50 lbs to join crossfit.  I did last October and I love it!  I love the team atmosphere and the personal attention and I am so inspired by people like Tina and Michelle who are my age and so much farther ahead of me.  Now people keep commenting on how skinny I’m getting, which is great, but I don’t think people realize how strong I’m getting, which is the best part!  So I’ve lost 102 pounds, from a size 24 to a size 4 and I can’t see going back. I can nearly back squat my weight and I can run a mile without stopping… up until starting cf I probably hadn’t run anywhere in at least ten years. I don’t crave unhealthy foods.  I’m antsy if I am sittng too long and I still walk over five miles everyday.  It’s just a completely different lifestyle.  We are traveling more and I just feel like I’m more invested in my life.  And I feel like my family is proud of me rather than embarassed by me.  And BTW, even though I hadn’t quite hit my goal (I’ll get there eventually), the wedding was fabulous and I felt great!

Karissa Jones

Began August 2014



I first started my CrossFit journey in 2014. My physical therapist told me, I should join a gym to strengthen my knee. I ended up joining a local gym, and did not see any results and still felt chronic knee pain,  from my torn meniscus. It wasn’t until I found Stampede CrossFit, that I saw instant results. In a matter of weeks I found myself stronger, and able to squat below parallel. As of today I’m doing things I’ve never thought I would ever be able to do again; lifting heavy and running. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for Stampede CrossFit, I would still be in constant pain. 

 Melissa Soares

Began February 2014-Over 50+ pounds lost


I started my CrossFit journey in February 2014. Before Crossfit, I had done many exercise programs that included, bootcamps, TRX Training, attending the gym, and Zumba classes. Each of these programs worked for a short period of time but I would eventually get bored and quit. I always struggled with weight and was constantly trying to find the next easiest program to do to get the weight off. Unfortunately, nothing ever worked until I started Stampede CrossFit. It wasn’t just the enjoyment of getting stronger that kept me going but it was the sense of community your receive at the Box. Everyone is in it together, no matter what fitness level you are at.  You’re constantly cheering for your fellow athletes to either complete the WOD or hit their next PR. 

Looking back, I remember thinking I will try it for a month and probably get tired of the drive because it was an hour away from home. I never thought that I would have a passion for it. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to try something new. I have lost over 50lbs and am always setting new goals for myself. I would never have thought I would have such a love for fitness like I do now.

Greg Nunes

 Stampede CrossFit Masters Athlete

Began November 2014



“I have been attending SCF on a 3x a week basis for 2 months. I train in CF 2x per week, and attend Yoga at Stampede 1x per week. The biggest improvements I have felt are my increased cardiovascular endurance, strength and increased range of motion and flexibility.I cannot believe the physical difference that I have made in such a short time training. I feel great, I love the programming and look forward to my future progress.”