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What do the Athletic Levels Mean?

Here at Stampede CrossFit we have Athletic Levels to set milestones for each of our Athletes to help reach accomplishments in fitness and health. We do not compare one athlete to another, but we do want you to compare your old self, to your future self.  By breaking down fundamental CrossFit movements into a progression chart we can better strategize and reach our individual goals. The Athletic Levels are NOT used to compare your performance to other athletes.  Its soul purpose is to motivate, encourage, and track progression within yourself.

How Does It Work?

The Athlete must first show discipline, desire, and dedication to test for each level.  If you are a natural athlete and can complete the requirements, but do not show dedication by attending class weekly and training hard, you WILL NOT promote.  In addition to this, the Athlete must have the ability to complete 80% of the requirements at the respected level.  Once you have met the required training time frame, completed 80% of the requirements, and demonstrate an athletes discipline, you can then promote.


Level Reqmnts-SCF Level Reqmnts-MASTER-SCF